Thursday, October 4, 2012

For the Record: Week 4 Gurus Recap

How Guru-y have the Gridiron Gurus been so far?

Pretty dang Guru-y.

Dan and George are 38-25 after 4 weeks.

Let's see how many of the peeps who make a huge living off there so called expertise at ESPN are doing better.

There's one.  And... there's another.

Of their magnificent 14, only the Schefler guy and the Wickersham dude are better. All the resources of a major cable network, and only 2 can muster better picks.

And they make money doing this?

And do they have to do ventriloquism when they make their picks? Make homemade costumes? Chase dogs around for candid footage?

I rest my case.

Now that the NFL is making Thursday night football a regular thing, your Girdiron Gurus will do their best to always post their pick for the Thursday night game here on the blog, along with in-depth, sometimes incredibily witty and jocular insights into the game.
No, wait.  Rams.
No... Cardinals.
Yep. Cardinals.

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