Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 14 Recap: Swimming in creme


You just have to remember, the creme of the crop is not just a drop of creme.  It's a cupful at least.

So as Dan and George's picks have lagged a little in the last few weeks, they are still part of the creme de la creme. Perhaps the creme de menthe or the creme brulee.  Among the ESPN "experts," only Mark Schlereth has a better record.

He's too big to insult. And too young, too.

Now, as far as the Sunday guys go:

  • Being three games behind Ditka is, well, humbling. 
  • I will remind Cris Carter that the Vikings were 15-1 and headed to the Super Bowl  in 19o9  before fate as real as gravity magically appeared in the NFC Championship Game.. (Kind'a hate being reminded?)
  • Tom Jackson - Cris Carter is ahead of you?  Say it ain't so!

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