Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gurus'11 Week 16 Recap: Time to ca-ROW!!!!


Bragging gets soooooooooooo tedious.

Read'em and weep, actual ESPN human pickers. Sure, two of you humans are as good. But cock-a-doodle dooooo!!!!!

It's okay of you are saying, "oh, real mature."  There is a heaping helping of juvenile glee here.  One week to go and the Gridiron Gurus have .... cred. Whoa.

Now, as far as the Sunday Countdown dudes go... um....

Let's remember that the final week is totally unpredictable and Cris Carter could choke big time. He did play for the Vikings, after all.

And did any of these guys produce a holiday video as good as this one- Huh?  Did they?

Huh? Huh?

I guess I should say - watch it and judge for yourself!  It's gone viral. 35 hits is pretty huge.

Isn't it?

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