Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 8 Recap: Not to be Gu-Rude, but...

Dan and George guaranteed every pick this week, and when you consider that the Family Guru were unanimous in the believe that...

No friggin' way the Vikings were going to top Fig Newton and the Panthers, or that...
No flippin' way the Rams could stop the Saints from marching in, or that...
No freakin' way Philip Rivers could embarrass himself by screwing up and losing to the Chiefs on national television...

So if those three games are the only picks that went awry, 10 and 3 is pretty stinkin' perfect.

That's the story. It will de stuck to!

With 8 weeks in the can, an 80-36 record is the class of the webwave's* football  prognostication crowd by far. And that's includes the webwave's non-ventriloquist ilk, too.

ESPN: You know where to find George and Dan.  Phones still are phones.  They are for calling people who deserve to hear from you.  One that deserve to be invited to that table.

Do we have to say, "Come to papa?"

For the record, only Mike Golic ( the Golic brother who never wore a mullet, not the one who did), some dude who goes by "Accuscore" and some hick named "Pick'em" are doing a little better. Not by much, but a little better.

And in comparing to the vaunted ESPN "Countdown crowd", other the amazing Tom Jackson's 84-32 mark, it looks like the Gurus should be sitting at that table, too. 

And with all due respect, Mr. Ditka - though still looking up Guru talepipe - is staying in the game. I guess he caught a few touchdowns when he was a player, too.  It happens.


Webwaves is my very own word for the internet as a "broadcasting medium".  When my buddy Merriam and his co-star, Webster, memorialize it in their next book, Blog:Budding Ventriloquist should be sited as the original source.

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