Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 10 Recap: Gu-RUUU! Gu-RUUU!

"ESPN Football Analyst George Budding reports that..."

Yes, those words should be in your future viewing pleasure.

Week 10 seemed to baffle the best.  It baffled Dan and George, who were only 9-7.  But to everyone's surprise, that was some gosh darn good picking.

And overall, when you look at the ESPN "experts"... you have to be impressed. Sure, the Allen dude and that Pick'em character were 10-6, but when you look at the overall record, only some supercomputer program called Accuscore and that Pick'em hick-from-the-sticks are better.

That means among the humans, Dan and George are more that worthy. They rock.

So why aren't they on ESPN every week?

You've heard it before. Everyone, say it with me...


But I hear you say, "But there are the guys on Sunday NFL Countdown.  They are some smart cookies."

Well, read'em and weep.  Only Tom Jackson, who will be the only man ever to go to the NFL Hall of Fame  both as a player and a prognosticator*, is better.  Dan and George are even with Cris Carter, but Carter is a former Minnesota Viking which means in the end he'll lose.

Dan and George will be keeping an eye on Iron Mike Ditka.  Since being mistakenly referred to as "Butkus" on a blog who will remain nameless, his dander must be up. He's closing in.

* To be clear, Tom Jackson will be the first to be named to the Hall of Fame as a player AND a prognosticator.  Neither Dan nor George played pro football. So as far as "first prognosticator" goes... let's just say that Dan and George would look stunning in brass. Either or both.

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