Friday, November 4, 2011

Gridiron Gurus '11: Week 9

When the season began, there were two goals:
  1. Be the best doggone football pickers the ventriloquism world has ever had, and
  2. Do ventriloquism so good the ventriloquism world realizes Dan and George are part of the ventriloquism world.
And so far, the picks are soooo fine. Really second only to ESPN's Tom Jackson in fine-ness.

Now at week 9, it is time to conquer the other goal going forward. So with great commitment, Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus takes aim at being just as good of a ventriloquist as ESPN's Tom Jackson.

Or something like that.

If this doesn't play here, watch it complete with Dummysound at

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