Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 5 Recap: or is it re-Crap?

As the saying goes, how the mighty have fallen.

6 and 7.  More wrong than right.

But, I have to point out after 5 weeks, Dan and George are 54-23.  Compared to the ESPN Sunday Countdown "experts", that's only 2 games behind Tom Jackson (the best of the best) and Chris Carter (Just another former Viking with no Super Bowl rings, so a choke is on the way for him).

And the Gurus are two games better than Keyshawn (kind'a cool, actually) Johnson and, take a deep breath and get ready to grin...

5 games better than Ditka.

Yea. Better than Ditka.

How cool is that?

Now as far as the "big" ESPN group (that includes Mike - not Bob the mullet-wearer - Golic), Dan and  George are better than 6 of 10, and only 2 games off the Merrill Hoge best of 56-21. 

So why are these "experts" more famous?

Big marketing money is'all. Not talent.

No sir.

You think Ron "I don't pick all the games" Jaworski can do ventriloquism?

I rest my case.

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