Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 4 Recap: Oh,oh.

Oh, oh.

That's a universal noise of concern. It's deep-fried oops with a side of panic.

Don't get me wrong. 11-5 is still some darn tootin' good picking and Dan and George are still ahead of the whole ESPN panel.  High water marks from last year seem to be the norm so far this year.

But oh, oh.

Last week as part of gloating, I made fun of a man named Bob Golic. A very big man named Bob Golic. He was a professional football player. He was an actor.

But he had, at one point in his life, wore a mullet. This drew my scorn, and I gloated that the Guru picks were better than the ones he does for ESPN. And I made fun of his once mullet-ed fashion sense. I even made fun of his acting. What a snot I am.

However, Bob Golic does not make picks or do any football commentary for ESPN. His brother and also former football player - Mike Golic - does.

Mike Golic has never worn a mullet.

And he, too was not just a professional football player, but he was a defensive lineman. Just like Bob.

And just like Mark Schlereth, who like MIKE Golic, is picking pretty well, but still one game behind Dan and George. Mr. Schlereth was an offensive guard.  Another "big guy" position.

They all do seem to understand the concept of friendly banter among collegial rivals.

Then again, they all have the capacity to knock me silly. Rip me apart limb for limb.

And most concerning to George, beat the stuffing out of us.

Oh, oh.

Just getting this post wrapped up and posted during my lunch break.  It's just been a busy week. It's not that admitting that dissing behemoths wrongly make me fear for my ever aging body...

But yea, it does.

Um, hey Bob Golic... Just kidding?

And hey Mike Golic: confusing you with a mullet-wearer isn't really an insult.

Is it?

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