Monday, October 31, 2011

In the yard

In the yard
A poem by Lee Kisling

What’s creepier than a ventriloquist?
A ventriloquist standing in your yard
looking at your house
A one-eyed ventriloquist
Standing in your yard
In the rain, looking and looking,
Toward your lighted windows
Holding his dummy who is wearing
A garish plaid suit and his small head
Periodically turns to look back questioningly at
His master, then back to the house
And his mouth is moving like he is muttering –

What’s creepier than that? This:
Sometimes the ventriloquist turns his head
And looks at the dummy and the weather
Is getting worse and the water is streaming down
Their faces and then you notice that
Beside them there is a shovel and the
Ventriloquist drops the dummy, picks up the shovel
And starts digging a hole in front of your house
And you decide to call the police but your phone line
Has gone dead. 
What’s creepier than that?

Well. He digs the hole about 2 feet deep, then
Picks up the dummy and the 2 of them stare
At each other, then they both look at your house
For about a minute and then the soaking wet
Ventriloquist drops the dummy into the hole
And starts shoveling in the dirt. 
What’s creepier than that is that there is a tremendous
Boom of thunder and a blinding flash of light
He is gone – nothing left except
The shovel
And the slashing cold

Lee Kisling is the author of The Fool's War (HarperCollins, 1992). He will have a book of his poetry published in 2013.   In his book bio 19 years ago, he told everyone that he was a singer of silly songs and a sayer of wise sayings. Someone named Dan Bushman was given credit for his bio picture, and by doing that he also told the world he was my friend. He is still singing, still saying, and still my friend.

Thanks for the poem, Lee. I'm honored to have inspired this bit of fun. And...


I did inspire this, didn't I? Or shouldn't I get a too big a head about it?

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