Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 3: Holy recap! 13-3 again!

13-3 two weeks in a row? 37-11 overall?

Gaudy, you say? Yes, but ... when you got it, flaunt it.

George and Dan are on a roll.

Just the other day they the talk was:

 "Sure, we're the best doggone pro football prognosticators in the entire ventriloquist universe."
"Like that was hard. Consider the competition."
(Reaching out to knuckle punch George)
"Hey... What it is. What is was. What it shall be."
"What the hell? Haven you gotten over the Mod Squad getting cancelled? Quit talking like a cretin."
The talking always goes like that. The gibberish makes it to the Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus script is actually the least nonsensical conversations the guys have. You see them trying to pick out  something at 31 Flavors, much less agreeing on picks.

But, they did know there had to be more. There was more than just being great ventriloquist prognosticators.  And now it appears that they can drop the "ventriloquist" part.*

This is the line of pick records of vaunted "Experts" of ESPN.  People who have inside knowledge.  People who have met Tom Brady in person. People who actually know what in tarnation Tampa-two defense is.

Now just look at where the record of 37-11 puts your favorite Gridiron Gurus.

And, regarding anyone who jumps on the bandwagon of Bob Golic,** former NFL star, who has the closest thing to a Guru quality record (GQR) at 35-13...

Just look at the still from his acting*** days on Saved by the Bell. You see it? In the "then" picture?

Yes, that's a mullet. It doesn't matter that it was years ago when it was in style.

It never, ever was in style. 

So when it comes to who's the best and the name Bob Golic comes up, can you say "disqualified"?

Dan can.

In fact, he can make George say it too.
* - There are some who think that Dan should take that sentence literally. But these days, Dan is listening to George more and more.
** - Bob Golic could tear off all of Dan's limbs. But, Dan has the courage it takes to tell the truth and is unafraid. Mostly.  There is something about a mullet that says a guy can take a joke, right?
*** - In this case,  the word "acting" is used generously. You probably don't need to see if Netflix streams the show. Check out the Magnum, PI reruns instead. Or The Rockford Files.

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