Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 2 Recap: 13-3? For real?

Just how good is 13-3 in picking Week 2? And being 24-8 for the season after two weeks?

If you look at ESPN's 10 NFL "expert" prognoistcators (http://espn.go.com/nfl/picks), which includes some person named "Accuscore" and a dude (or dude-ess) named "Pigskin Pick'em"*, your Gridiron Gugus are as good as the best.  Only Bob Golic and Adam Schefter are even equal, and those two rub elbows with the real deals all the time.

Former Eagles quarterback turned color commentator Ron Jaworski didn't make a pick for one of the games, so he actually has one less wrong pick. But he's disqualified for taking a bye.

And I have one word for you, Mr. Jaworski:  Cheater! Coward! (Oops. Two words.)

I think letting my lips move is bringing us luck. Then again, George is doing all the picking, and he says there's no "luck" about it.


* - I don't think that's the person's baptismal name. And, to be frank, if I was changing my name, "Pigskin Pick'em" wouldn't have come to mind.

Though it does have a certain ring to it.

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