Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guru, guru on the wall...

Gridiron Gurus is back on the webwaves* and better than ever. And there's more than just a new logo!  There's...

You just need to watch and wow, my friends.  Watch and wow.

(If the video doesn't play here, hop out to and bask in your delight.)



This is the BV version of an "after school special." You know, something educational for the kids. You never know where next John Muir will get his inspiration. To think it could be by watching Gridiron Gurus.

Kind'a awesome, huh?


That is one sweet new logo, isn't it?  Kudos to the boys in the logo lab. Go get yourself some Twizzlers, on me. My treat.

* Webwaves - my very own invented word for the medium of internet programs.  Besides correctly picking the Packers for the Super Bowl, it is my proudest contribution to a society that needs so much.

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