Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rotten dumbstruck luck

It's been on my calendar for months.

My friends who gave me George thought it looked like fun.

I was even going to take George.

So why, I ask? Why?

Why isn't the documentary movie Dumbstruck showing at the Uptown or the Lagoon theaters in Minneapolis on May 20 as advertised?  I even emailed the theater company.  It's like it disappeared.

This was probably about as close to the Annual Venthaven ConVENTion as I will ever get.  From what I could tell from reviews and the trailer, it is a solid documentary effort and, of course, it's about my new adopted family.

I was feeling kind of like of  those orphans who finds a VHS tape, throws it in the machine, sees a man and woman, and hears the words, "Our little man, if you're watching this it's because you wanted to find us. You're probably looking at us and seeing the family resemblance, except probably for the moo-moos..."

Now what do I do? I'm feeling so abandoned.

I know. I'll watch the end of The Empire Strikes Back. That always brings out all my family warm and cozies.
Maybe this is one of those deals where they decided to release it closer to Oscar time for bigger hype.  Yea, that's probably it.
As a follow up from yesterday's post about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver breaking up and more importantly their placement of the "V Face" List, please note that your eyes did not deceive you. I called Arnold "creepy looking."  I, Dan Bushman, the Budding Ventriloquist, called a man who could tear my arms off ugly.

I stand by my statement.  I am a journalist with integrity; a proud member of the fourth estate.

And if he comes to beat me up, I'm blaming it on George.
If you are one of so many brand new readers, I should say - George is my comedy partner. At least, if crabby is funny - he's my comedy partner.  It also gives me an opportunity to embarrass my children with this picture.
Dan and George
I have no humility.

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