Saturday, April 23, 2011

The positive? No jet lag

I’m not going to be ungracious. I did post my best wishes to the lucky couple:
(Click on the image if it's too small to read.)

And seriously, I mean every word.
I guess it won’t be the first wedding that my invitation “must have gotten lost in the mail.”
In fact, I got that a lot. So, it seems, did George. Maybe that’s why he and I, despite what the videos lead you to believe, get along.
It’s sort of like being too practiced in the phrase, “Hey guys, wait up!”  You know, that day in grade school when you realize that you’re  saying that, like, all the time?
But I digress.
Budding Ventriloquist Covers The Royal Wedding will go on.  The miracles of technology, like live links, teleconferencing, and snooze alarms make it all possible.
And I know there’s going to be a lot of darn fine competition.  For instance, my favorite gang at MSNBC’s Morning Joe is going to be Live From London.  They’re making such a big deal out of it, they even photoshopped pictures of themselves into their promo logo.
(I ask you – what serious journalism effort has time to learn Photoshop?  That sucker is really complicated.  I bet it was Mika Brzezinski. She’s the real brains behind that show.  Though I guess Morning Mika just doesn’t have that same ring.)
It’s too bad we couldn’t have teamed up.  Wouldn’t you have loved to hear George and Pat Buchanon arguing over boutonniere etiquette? Over great garter toss fiascos of the past? Over how drunk the best man was when he makes the toast?  Over the hilarity of the whole wedding party dancing the worm at the reception?

I do want to make this point, and I'm sure every news media columnist or commentator or watcher (who isn't jealous) will tell you this as well:

Budding Ventriloquist Covers The Royal Wedding is the only wedding coverage that is making the ventriloquist view relevant on any media source. Period.

'Nuff said.
To the Morning Joe gang:
If I learn Photoshop (and take the burden off of Mika), can I get a job with you?

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