Thursday, April 7, 2011

Of course... of study

Continuing coverage of college enrollment in Ely, Minnesota continues.
I know now what the world needs, and I've seen the vision of what it would look like.

The world needs a two-year Associates Degree program in ventriloquism. It needs a college to be home. And most importantly, it should be just like Vermilion Community College here in Ely.

My son is enrolling at VCC for fishery and wildlife management, and did he pick a great place.  It's clean, the buildings are modern, the housing is excellent, and the staff is marvelous.  

Did I say the staff is marvelous?  Get out my thesaurus. I need be higher superlative.  I wish they were all ventriloquists or puppeteers to be on my staff.

If several dozen budding ventriloquists and their parents come to my college to register, they will have already made the big decision to commit to ventriloquism.  But the parents need to feel comfortable that it's a good investment, too.

So the staff has to do what the staff here did; they have to show wonderful pride in their school. They need to express with sincere enthusiasm that they are there to help students succeed.

Now, I could also mention that VCC has a taxidermy lab, which could so easily be a puppet and dummy making lab.  I could mention that it has a 200 seat theater, that... well, that's obvious. I could mention that it has a nice cafeteria, because ventriloquist are, in the end, just people and people have to eat, too. (Puppets and dummies... not so much.)

But a good learning environment is 90 percent the faculty and staff.  I am thrilled to have seen the behavior I want on my ventriloquism staff.  

Thanks, VCC people.  You were great.
No, I don't see the study of ventriloquism as a four year degree.  That would be silly.

Maybe, if done with some thought, puppeteering might be an extended course of study. I'm sure you could see that, right?
This whole trip is making me think about my college experiences at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and the University of Minnesota. Both are fine institutions in fine cities (don't tell anyone in the Twin Cities I just paid them a compliment -they'll think I've gone soft).

But both were very impersonal. I was pretty anonymous in those environments and that's not all bad.  But I wonder if anyone of those anonymous people seeing next to me so anonymously realized that the future producer of Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus, the researcher for Ventriloquists Down Under Week: The Month,  the conceptual master behind last year's Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage... was sitting right next to them?

Because... they would have cared.  I believe that. I really do.

You see that, right?

And please - don't even get me started on the anonymity at my 3,000 student high school...


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