Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheers and Cheerio, Will and Kate

Let's let this moment speak for itself, stand on its own, and be all that it can be ...

And hang on to your socks and prepare too be wow'ed.  The networks are going to be really embarrassed with the yawn they put on compared to this.*

(If this doesn't play here well, you're going to miss a very special moment in your life, so go to

Next time BV covers a world event, we hope it's in this hemisphere. Or we're going to have a sleep over, or at least a sleep in or something.

OMG - Are the 2012 Olympics really in London, too?

Cripes and crimony.

* - Except the MSNBC Morning Joe crew.  Not only can they explain politics over a cup of coffee, but they know how to cover a wedding, too!

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