Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gridiron Gurus - Super Bowl XLV

This is it. The last episode of Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus for the season.  And how much cooler could it be than the show reveals whether the fearless prognosticators pick the Green Bay Packers (a personal favorite) or the Pittsburgh Steelers (a team that wears black).

The pick might surprise you. And for the first time all year, George and I are in total agreement.

Really.  It might. Or, it might not.


(If it doesn't play here,  go to  It's too good to miss!)

To my flange* of regular readers and viewers:

Thanks for watching the season progress.  Now we, the entire production crew of BVPGG will have the off season to figure out how to make Gurus, Season 2 even bigger and better.  Believe it or not, George is already saying, "next year, let's try ..."

*A Flange is a group of baboons. Yes, I just love the word. No, you are not baboons to me. Far from it.

(Did I talk my way out of that one good enough? Hope so.)

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