Thursday, February 24, 2011

The dummy abides

Budding Ventriloquist coverage of the 2011 Oscars continues with...
Best Actor Nominee with a Face that Belongs on a Ventriloquist Dummy
or, more simply:
Best  Actor With a V Face

Just an observation:  In the ventriloquist dummy world, the male/female ratio appears to be that its been girls night out for quite a while. Bet it's a four guys for every gal deal. So for the male dummies who are really funny lookin', it's probably best they have gigs because they ain't getting dates.

Or is it in the dummy world, the funny lookin' ones are considered... hot?
In the best actor category, there's three "OMG, he's such a hunk" guys:

  • Colin Firth from The King's Speech:  Well, at least he gave us stammerers hope.
  • James Franco from 127 Hours: Yes, I get it. Chicks dig hair.
  • Javier Bardem from Biutiful : Yes, I get it. Roguish handsome Latin lover type. Would the dummy do a lot of "oh, oh... I misspelled that" jokes?
Then, there's two real contenders:
  • Jessie Eisenberg from The Social Network:  So much potential. The Harpo Marx look converts to a ventriloquist dummy almost instantaneously.
  • Jeff Bridges from True Grit: It took me over 300 posts to come up with a reason to run a photo of The Dude from the Big Lebowski.  I feel strangely high achieving for it. Makes me want to get a beverage. The idea of a Dude dummy is pretty irresistible.
Feeling a bit conflicted, I might give Javier Bardem a second chance; maybe in conjunction with the Budding Ventriloquist version of the Oscar's Irving Thalberg Award (whatever that is) to either Fernando Lamas or Ricardo Montalban, Javier gets a nod.  Or maybe he just presents?

If you don't get the logic of this overtly, I have faith that intuitively, you are right there with me on this about Fernando and Ricardo, then - ipso facto-  Javier.

You are, right?
The winner will be will be announced on Oscar night on the Budding Ventriloquist simulcast as a simulpost that will spread across the webwaves with speed that wows.
Bet you've tried to work the word simulpost into a sentence ever since I made it up earlier this week, haven't you?  Just like you look for stuff on the webwaves all the time now?

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