Sunday, February 20, 2011

By a hair...

Budding Ventriloquist coverage of the 2011 Oscars continues with...

Best Supporting Actor Nominee with a Face that Belongs on a Ventriloquist Dummy

or, more simply:

Best  Actor With a Supporting V Face

And the nominees are, from the youthful guys with hair group:

  • John Hawkes from Winter's Bone.  Great potential. Don't know of a dummy with immature facial hair on the current scene.
  • Mark Ruffalo from The Kids are Alright. Absolutely refuse to consider a face out of my high school years. Doesn't he look like the guy all the girls said "Oh he's so cute, I want to play with his hair"? (Did I just hear a gagging noise? Or was that me making a gagging noise?)
  • Christian Bale from the Fighter. I could have been that handsome if I'da tried. Yea, I could'a.

And from the actual talent that doesn't rely so much on hair group:

  • Jeremy Renner from The Town.  This Hurt Locker star has a seriously intense look. Is the world ready for a dummy with an intense look?
  • Geoffrey Rush from The King's Speech.  Animated face. Has worked with monkeys.

The winner will be will be announced on Oscar night on the Budding Ventriloquist simulcast. Or should that be simulblogging?

Or is it simulpost?  I like that one. I think adding that to the lexicon for the Net is worthy of consideration.  Right after webwaves.

Can you trademark a word?
It isn't really my male-pattern balding that makes me so obsessed with the "hair/acting success correlation."

Well, yes it is. I guess it's kind of a stupid and petty way to break down the nominees. I won't approach the other categories that way. At least not the actress categories.

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