Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top of the morning to ya

Hats off to Terry Fator.  I knew that guy would do something with his talent.

Not only did he win America's Got Talent...
Not only is he playing Vegas just about non-stop...

He got to do a segment on CBS Sunday Morning, the best darn news magazine show there is. The man is literally walking my dream path.

Granted, he was interviewed by Armen Keteyian*, not Charles Osgood. So he only had the penultimate** experience, not the ultimate "wow." But hang in there, Terry. You're almost there.




This was not only a fun segment, but a nice little bit of educating the world about the magic of ventriloquism. I will say, after hearing him explain about how he makes B's and P's, I will be trying to figure out just how clever I can get my tongue to be. 

Will practice make perfect? 

Try getting your puppet or dummy to say that.  You'll see.

* Armen Keteyian is a solid, competent broadcast journalist.  I'd be thrilled to be interviewed by him, but more so by Charles Osgood, aka "the man himself."***
** Penultimate is defined by Merriam and/or Webster (when sober) as "next to last".  In the context of this bit of shtick, it implies that an interview with Charles Osgood is the absolute end, or all that would be necessary for a great life.

I've really over-explained that, didn't I?
*** How nerdy is it to desperately want to be interviewed by Charles Osgood?

While you're still laughing, read this:

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