Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What did it take?
  • Did George have to chew off one of his arms like in 127 Hours? Or chew off one of Dan's?
  • Did Dan have to do his best John Wayne imitation like in True Grit? "Or see you hang at Fort Smith at Judge Parker's convenience"?
  • Be even more groundbreaking on the World Wide Web like in The Social Network? Cripes! Don't even get me started about re-writing the rules of the webwaves*...
  • Did the fearless prognosticators have to put on tutus? Real, imaginary or otherwise...
  • Did Dan and George have to have trouble talking, like in The King's Speech? With God as my witness, you'd think the difficulty speaking clearly  issue was obvious...
I guess it's all moot now anyway.  The score is The King's Speech - 12 Academy Award nominations, True Grit - 10 nominations, The Social Network - a bunch, Black Swan - a boatload, 129 Hours - enough...

And Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus - none.


I know.  The sound wasn't very good, and sometimes the shot wasn't even framed up square, so I can see being shut out of all the technical awards, but...

Just tell me - who's a more lovable curmudgeon?  Rooster Cogburn or George?

Was it because I would not do the shameless self-promotion?  Or because Hollywood is just all about politics? And who knows who?

Maybe I should have done the "do lunch" thing, or at least the "do coffee" thing. Or (with my real life budget in mind) maybe just a few well-placed Andes candies in the mail might have set the tone.  Who really knows - could'a worked.

Then again, George didn't exactly "work it" either.

Maybe next year, like when the Lord of the Rings movies didn't win the first time, but later, as sort of a homage to a body of work...

Yes, that must be what the Academy is up to.  I'm sure of it.

To my bed** of regular readers and viewers:

January was a slow, sleepy month dominated by my Green Bay Packers and their quest for the Super Bowl. And I hope you can tell, the Gurus shows took some tender loving care, right down to wardrobe! (Yep - no costume Oscar nomination, either.)

But it's going to be a great new year.  I ran across the logos for No Logo Thursday, and Blog Oleo, and Mystic Moment, and I got excited for these and new stuff, too.  BV is going to burn even brighter in 2011.

Everybody! With me! Sing!

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine...

Sorry, got carried away there.
Webwaves is still my very own word.
** A Bed is a group of clams -at least in this reference.

While you're still laughing, read this:

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