Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gridiron Gurus - Championship Weekend

So it's actually happening.

The Packers and the Bears for the NFC Championship.  Wow.

As a child of the '70s, this match-up will forever be in my mind as a clash between bitter rivals that had no chance to make the playoffs, much less fight for a Super Bowl berth.  Yes, there was a gap between the Halas-Lombardi era and the Ditka to Holmgren era.  That's when I learned about what being  fan was all about: not wins and losses, but pride. 

It had to be. It sure wasn't about wins.

And if you're wondering why the other game got picked the way it did, just answer this in your heart:  Namath or Bradshaw?


Remember, we're going for huge pregame show ratings against the big boys.  So watch this over and over and over and over...  if not here on the blog, then at

While you're still laughing, read this:

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