Thursday, December 16, 2010

The kicker is, he's a pun-ter

It's Thursday and all of you No Logo Thursday fans are going to be bummed.*  Another Budding Ventriloquist feature has a rated a logo and it's premiering today.
Continuing the fun and the joy of creating a State Joke** to pick the winner of the Thursday night football game, I can see using the new State Joke Logo long after the season is over.

Pretty cool, huh?  Gets you all excited big time about this reoccuring feature, doesn't it? Gets you overflowing with anticipation?

So as the San Francisco 49ers try to keep their razor thin playoff hopes alive as they take on the San Diego Chargers, I ask you to imagine me giving a ribald southern accent to my puppet George or my monkey puppet Max LeMonk as one of them tells this city version of a State Joke:

The other day I was walking down the street with my old lawyer friend.  He had taken the job as District Attorney, but it was making him very depressed.

 He went into the  courthouse and then I heard a big explosion inside.  All of a sudden, the doors flew open, and the police and the judges and lawyers ran out in every direction.

I saw which way the defense attorneys went, but I didn't see my old lawyer friend.  So I turned to the person next to me and asked...
 “Hey, where did the Sad DA go?”

On the third day of Ventriloquist Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Three corny hats
Two moving eyebrows
And a brand new Ven-tril-o-quist Dummy
* Bummed is a pretty dated term. I'm not sure that anyone says it any more,even though it's really descriptive. What a bummer, man.

**  A quick Primer on State Jokes:

  1. Remember the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn, a rooster with a boastful, southern accent;
  2. Imagine me practicing Foghorn's voice, and perhaps using George, or Max LeMonk, my monkey puppet (remember him?); and
  3. And indulge me in making this pick in the form of what my brothers and I called a "state joke".  This is a pun played out in a story where the punchline is a state name, such as "Misses Hippie." City names are permissible, especially given their use here.

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