Monday, November 15, 2010

Pick-ick-sie dust

What did I do at about 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon to cause the wrath of the football gods to rain down upon me?

Was it:
  • How I laughed with glee - unabashed glee! - that the dreaded Vikings had played dreadfully?
  • That I did my grocery shopping in the afternoon instead of watching games that I really didn't care about?
  • That the picks George and I made on Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus (BVPGG) were on a pace for a season high, and around 3 o'clock I was feeling dang cocky about it?
What ever it was, I don't think I deserved the turn of fate I experienced.  In the 8 games played before 3 o'clock,  the BVPGG picks were a hefty 7-1. After the clock chimed 3, the picks were 1-5. 

Even more strange, the only correct pick in the late games was the win by the San Francisco 49ers.  Typically, the only reason the 49ers are picked to win is because I enjoy having George shout, "NINERS!"

To put the quality of the picks made on BVPGG into perspective, consider this:
  • On ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown, that panel of 5 or 6 football experts make their picks every week.  The best of them after nine weeks was the great Tom Jackson, who had picked 75 correct out of 130.
  • The fearless prognosticators of BVPGG had 77 correct at that point.
That's right.  The picks you get from BVPGG are actually better than what the "real" experts have given you.

Now, I'm not going to say that the difference in quality of what you find on basic cable versus what you find on the webwaves* is becoming more and more apparent...
* Just finding another opportunity to use my word webwaves just delights me.  I'm really shooting to be recognized for word of the year or something like that. 

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