Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gridiron Gurus Week 10 - Thursday Special

Now that the NFL season is half over, there's going to be games on Thursday night.

This leaves me with a choice of either posting the Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus (BVPGG) pick "in print", or presenting it as usual (albeit in a much shorter form) in the beautiful technicolor that you, my sedge* of regular readers and viewers**, have grown accustom to. ***

Obviously, the choice for me was quite obvious. Obviously.

(If you don't get this to play here, go to At the end of the day, you'll be happy you did.)

* A sedge is a group of bitterns. A bittern is a type of heron.

A heron is a bird, by the way.

**  It is so dang cool to be able to refer to my "viewers".  We regular denizens of the webwaves**** just love it.

***  Yes, that was a monstrously long and complicated run-on sentence.

**** Still loving my word webwaves. And it's my word. All mine.


How did you like the color scheme of the credits?  I picked a brown tone for the letters a sort of a fall color. Do you think I should have gone with a more festive and playful turquoise? Or an even more seasonal forest green?

Decisions, decisions. Who knew blogging was so complicated.
Because the video is less than a minute long, I actually got my son to watch this episode. It was the first BVPGG he has ever watched.  His review was, "In some cultures, that is probably considered funny."

Thanks, bud.
Nine correct picks in week 9. Out of 13 games, I still think we're on a roll.
Why No Logo Thursday? Why not the BVPGG logo at the top to signal that a pick is on the way?

To quote this guy I talked to the other day:
 "Dough no."

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