Monday, November 1, 2010

Eight wasn't enough

From the entire staff and production crew of Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus (BVPGG), the webwaves* only weekly NFL prognostication show performed by a ventriloquist team, and with all due respect:

***In Memoriam***

Paul, the predicting octopus, died last week in his tank in Germany. He was three. The cause of death is unknown. Local officials report there were no signs of foul play.

Paul was famous for picking a string of eight winners in this past year's World Cup Soccer matches. And with a perfect record came deserved fame.

The sports prediction world mourns his loss, and offers condolences to Paul's family. Due to his life in an aquarium, it is unlikely that Paul actually had any offspring. But given that octopus can lay up to 200,000 eggs, just consoling Paul's siblings may take a while.

For a full, legitimate news report, see The Earth Times article. I am of the ilk that believes a source called The Earth Times is as legitimate as, say, one named after any of various carnivorous mammals - especially genusVulpes- of the dog family related to but smaller than wolves with shorter legs, more pointed muzzle, large erect ears, and long bushy tail - like Fox News.

Perhaps more so.
Sincerely, as picking winners goes, Paul had some great luck.  Eight out of eight isn't easy.  By BVPGG standards, it is amazing. Heck, George and I breath a sigh of relief when we know we got more than half right. So we do feel bad for Paul.

However, George and I take solice in knowing that:
  • Three is old for an octopus,
  • George and I are still alive, and
  • Neither one of us are octopi.
The last point is particularly comforting. Particularly for me, because I can't swim. I do, however, believe George would float.
I'm really liking my new word webwaves. I think it has gusto.

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