Thursday, October 7, 2010

A wise-crack of the bat?

The baseball playoffs beginning reminds me that I've been writing this blog for well over a year now. This means there's all sorts of one year anniversaries I could celebrate.

But I really am trying not to do a lot of "blogging about blogging."  There's only so much introspection someone should put out before it becomes both pretentious and tedious. If reading this is boring you, you are at least half way to seeing what I mean.

Having said that, it was this time last year that the first "face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" (or V Face) was declared. It was legendary baseball player and manager Joe Torre, who was managing the Dodgers in the playoffs.  His Milwaukee Braves roots helped push his inaugural nomination along, too.

And although many faces were added to the list since, Joe remains an exemplar of what it means to have a face that would make a great ventriloquist dummy.  Not everyone has what it takes, or is even close.

Months after Joe was first named, comedian Moms Mabley joined Joe as a co-"perfect choice."  Only finding two faces in a year shows you how rarely the "perfect choice" designation is made.

And that's as it should be.

Joe has now retired from baseball.  I'm sure he feels good that not only his baseball legacy but his V Face legacy will live on.

Then again, he's never dropped me a note to say thanks for the honor. Maybe he's pissed. But he shouldn't be, because I say again - it's a rare honor.
The complete list can be found at the V Face list page.
I am always willing to consider suggestions.  Drop me a note or an email or text me or stick a post-it on my wall or draw a picture in sidewalk chalk on my driveway or do it as graffiti on a public building where it might be mistaken as some kind of protest against The Man or put it on my Facebook wall or call me on the telephone or something. Feel free.
Oddly enough, the V Face List series is the only regular series on my blog that doesn't have its own logo. And I think logos are so cool that even No Logo Thursday has its own logo... sort'a. kind'a. In a fashion. A wee bit.

I did have to save something for Year Two, didn't I?

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