Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday night Niner?

Nine. 9. Ni. Neuf. Neun. Nueve. Negen. Nio. Dziewięć.*

How many ways can I say nine! Nine of 14 games George and I picked in Week 5 of Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus (BVPGG).  That's not just one better than 8, that's a whole lot better than 8 of 14.

I have to admit, George and I weren't being too guru'y when we barely get more than half of the games right.  We are trying to provide not only great ventriloquism, but great prognostication, too.

For my smack** of regular readers who loyally watch BVPGG, you've probably noticed my fascination with the Oakland Raiders, aka the Raider Nation.  Unlike the Cowboys and the Vikings, for whom which a decade of painful mediocrity would be splendid entertainment, the Raiders have just been kind of pathetic about it. 

Much of the cause for their painful drift into the depths of hell has to do with owner Al Davis, a football legend and really creepy guy. George likes to refer to him as "the Dark Lord," alluding to the villain Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter stories.

The Raiders and their fans historically have been, well... evil. So you can see why the idea that "the Dark Lord has returned" is chilling whether you belong to Gryffindor or fantasy football league.


* English, numeric, Danish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Polish.
** A smack is a group of jellyfish.

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