Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nine. Do I hear ten?

George and Dan, those kooky and wacky football prognosticators, are at least getting consistent.

If you bet the house based on the week 6 picks you heard on Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus, you still have all your rooms and your deck. You are still able to pay your electrical bill, but you're setting the hot tub on a timer to save a few kilowatts in the middle of the night.

Nine right out of 14 for the second straight week I say is showing that we're getting our groove on. And with the NFL designed for teams to be pretty even, getting more than half means we're doing better than the league wants us to.

We are, in a word, beating the odds.

That's our story and we're sticking to it.
Yes, we are shooting for 10.  That would keep the hot tub hot all night. Eleven turns the jets on. Twelve... um...

Oops, got carried away there. It's late and I need some sleep. I promise to exhaust this metaphor later.

You can hold me to it.
George and I are debating the merits of fantasy football.

He thinks it's ruining the fundamental idea that you cheer for teams and that it is all too predictable to waste time with.  I say that it makes following football more interesting and adds some needed focus.

It's also not very predictable. On any given Sunday, it's fascinating to see the variability of performance, even among the most consistent performers. You never really know who is going to win.

The only thing that fantasy football doesn't have is a great long history of sayings. So I submit that when one team is a very clear favorite but the other team surprises them, you should say:
That's why they pretend to play the game.

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