Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday morning weakside linebacker

Perhaps the best advice is not to bet the house, or the car, or even a cheap plastic spatula on their advice. The gridiron gurus of Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus went 6-10 in Week 3.

Particularly disturbing is that George (the older one with the white hair and mustache) sang the picks for the Cowboys, Vikings, Saints, and Packers - and got every one of those wrong.  Plans to do an episode of Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus as an opera are now on hold. Plans to do an episode of Budding Ventriloquist Presents Gridiron Gurus as an opera in a foreign language are definitely reduced to a pipe dream.
Even if the actual football picks leave something to be desired, the ventriloquism aspect is coming along.  With every episode, I am seeing something to work on.

It's kind of a two steps forward, one step back experience. Maybe it's a one step forward and a quick dash back, then a half step that's a bit to the side effort.

But always, I feel some improvement.
Technical difficulties:  These posts are a little rushed right now. My laptop developed a mechanical problem and I need to get a new one.  It has screwed with when I can get some writing done.

The guys in brown already have a new one on the truck heading to me. If I started a courier service, I'd want us to be the guys in turquoise.  It's a fine, robust color - and the slogan would make for great office chatter: "Hey, have the guys in turquoise been here yet?"  I think more people at work would smile because of it.

Yes, I like alliteration. That makes me alliterate, not illiterate. I hope.

Get me a dictionary. Call Merriam. Page Webster. I said that right, right?

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