Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going Dutch? No. Danish.

iDear NASA and President Obama:

How's it going?

Just want to let you know that I'm brushing up on my Danish., Yes, you read that right: Danish.

Because, you see, the Danish people know how to Carpe Diem, to seize the day, or as they would say, "grib dagen".  Two Danes and a bunch of volunteers have made their own manned rocket ship and plan to launch it from their own submarine.

You heard me.  They have their own submarine. How cool is that!

To wit, I have composed and (once I find their mailing address) I will be sending them this letter:

(Note to POTUS*: See translation below if the West Wing doesn't have a Danish translator on staff)

Kære danske Rocket Team:Jeg har en enkelt inderligste ønske: at være den første bugtaler i det ydre rum. Min lands regering (USA) har vist på min stiltiende interesse i min søgen. Jeg bebrejder ikke dem, de har masser af ting at bekymre sig om.Så jeg vende tilbage til dig og din hjemmelavede rumskib. Jeg står til Deres tjeneste for din første bemandede lancering, forudsat naturligvis at der er plads, ikke kun for mig, men min dukke, George. Jeg er omkring 5 '11 "og 200 pounds på en god dag. George er væsentlig kortere og lettere. Jeg vil konvertere denne til metriske hvis det hjælper.Tak for Deres opmærksomhed og se dig i kredsløb!Med venlig hilsen,Dan Bushman
Spirende Astronaut
Spirende bugtal
Spirende dansker

Please know, Mr. President, that I am a loyal American.  I've paid my taxes honestly and accurately for 30+ years.  How many people can say that? Perhaps you might consider me the finest type of American - the kind that doesn't take no for an answer, and creates his own possibilities.

Thanks for listening. I'll let you know when I hear back from them. Hope you are as excited about this as I am.

Yours in space,

Dan Bushman
Budding Astronaut
Budding Ventriloquist

Attachment:  English Translation of message to Danes


Dear Danish Rocket Team:

I have one single most heartfelt desire: to be the first ventriloquist in outer space. My country's government (the United States) has shown only tacit interest in my quest. I don't blame them; they do have lots of stuff to worry about.

So I turn to you and your homemade space ship. I am at your service for your first manned launch, provided, of course that there is room not only for me but my puppet, George.  I am about 5' 11" and 200 pounds on a good day. George is substantially shorter and lighter.  I'll convert that to metric if it helps.

Thank you for your consideration and see you in orbit!


Dan Bushman
Budding Astronaut
Budding Ventriloquist
Budding Dane  
* POTUS: President of the United States
I have not been able to find out whether the Danes managed to fire their rocket on August 30 as they had planned.  I'm kind of hoping they haven't.  I really do want to be there!

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