Thursday, August 26, 2010

A year's worth of fun

Can you believe it?

Here's your choices as to what to believe (or not? But then which one do you pick, the yes or no? This whole pick a negative thing does get confusing):

A.  That Budding Ventriloquist is one year old!
B.  That Budding Ventriloquist was actually one year old yesterday, and I totally missed it!
C.  Both
D.  Neither
E.  C and D

What was intended to be a daily diary of my attempts to become a competent ventriloquist has become ... this.  At one year, I want to propose that "this" is:

Gonzo Ventrilo-Journalism

Okay. That's kind of long, and it doesn't really roll off the tongue like a juicy mango, does it? Maybe an anniversary feature will be a new suggestion for "what is this, exactly."

Allow me to brag up some stats I'm proud of:
  • Counting this one, there have been 243 posts. 
  • There's over 20 brave souls that have declared themselves "followers."
  • There have been 1,912 different visitors since about February from 43 different countries.
  • There's been over 4400 page views (and most of them are not ME!)
  • 15 percent of the visitors are from outside the United States.
  • US visitors have come from 40 different states.
But that's all just numbers.  How about how much closer we are to putting a ventriloquist in space because of this blog's efforts?  How ventriloquism and mysticism are now forever linked? That you may never see the Olympic games come an go without thinking about ventriloquism? How much you now know about Australia?
Who will be the 23 honoree to be added to the "face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" list?

There's so many things I'm happy about. I've gotten to know real and very talented ventriloquists. They're a great group who encourage me to keep this blog going.  I am honored. Thanks for welcoming me to your party.

But most of all, with all sincerity, thanks to my bellowing* of regular readers. You keep humoring me. I hope I'm getting better and better at humoring you.

(* A bellowing is a group of bullfinches)

One more stat:
  • For the fifth time, please watch the instructional video below, and celebrate with me by letting out a nice, loud, glorious, passionate...
Instructional video:

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