Tuesday, August 17, 2010

VDU Week - Day 6: Yes, I will do the Fandango, thanks...

Who'da thunk there could actually be as many as six installments of:

Here's the kind of discovery that brings hope and a smile to a budding ventriloquist.  This is Alana and Carol performing a comedy routine based around Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Performed at the Music and Arts Junior Talent Search (MATS) Talent Search, State Grand Final, June 28, 2009, at Penrith.

I just love this kind of shtick, and she does it well.  I can't find much more on whether this young lady's ventriloquist career is taking off, but she's off to a great start.  Feel free to smile at this one.

What's also pretty fun about this is that it seems that where there's talent shows, there's ventriloquists.  For all the young ladies and gentlemen that can belt out the latest Alicia Keys song or every group of athletic youths who and do that new fangled flip-flop song and dance stuff, there always seems to be a ventriloquist act slugging it out. And - my bet is that the audience and judges just can't wait for the fun and laughs.

Sadly, according to http://www.matsaustralia.org/, MATS is temporarily on hold. I hope it's just a temporary, world-economy sucks thing. 
What's the exact middle of the wow of a great singer great singer and the fun and laughs of a ventriloquist act?

Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is great, for sure. I am reconsidering my position on her being on the "Face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" list. (See  "All Gaga - Naa" for my eloquent explanation on why she's not.)  But I just can't quite get past my feeling that it has to be all about looks, not spirit.

I do have the sense that if Lady Gaga knew I thought she spirit belongs in a ventriloquist dummy, she's smile. She's understand.
I was just pondering a shtick with my monkey puppet Max were we taking a classic old song and arguing about updating it, and convincing Max that "Tie a turquoise ribbon round the old oak tree" is just so wrong.

But there is something so right about it too, don't you think?

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