Tuesday, August 10, 2010

VDU Week - Day 4: Crocodile Fun-See?

The first week was so much fun, BV going to have a bona fide Week 2 of:
And the fourth installment (I'm still calling it Day 4), features my profile of a female Australian ventriloquist, Lindi Jane. Lindi's back story is wonderful; sick in the hospital with heart problems, her grandfather gave her a puppet, the nurses made sock puppets, and Lindi got well. 

Lindi Jane went on to develop a long-running children's television and stage show called 'Snaps Kakadu Club' featuring Snap Crocodious, the cheeky crocodile from Kakadu. You can tell from this clip the joy she brings to children, and the joy she finds in bringing joy.

With each one of ventriloquist I find, there's a learning moment for me. And sometimes the learning comes in the form of questions that I ponder watching the videos.  For Lindi, I kept wondering:
  • When you do ventriloquism for kids, are they more or less easily fooled by it?  Kids can be pretty tough.
  • Is it that she's using animal puppets that make her so "kid friendly"?  My new puppet, George, seems to be a bit scary to kids. Of course, maybe I should figure out more kid-friendly things for George to say. Right now, I've perfected him saying, "Hey you kids, get of my lawn."
Seriously, I know - she's kid friendly because she's kid friendly, and wonderfully so.
The Green Bay Packers are in training camp and they are looking at an Australian Chris Bryan as their punter. This is happening at the very same time as this blog is running Ventriloquists Down Under Week.

Coincidence? I think not.
As we head though the dog days of summer, I've been meaning to poll my romp* of regular readers with this question - Which of the following summer activities go best with ventriloquism?
  • Tenting
  • Eating fresh, succulent fruit
  • Horseshoes
  • Baseball games
Just makes you wish you could text in your vote, doesn't it?  Feel free to leave your comments.

* A romp is a group of otters.

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