Thursday, August 5, 2010

VDU Week - Day 3: My blog's got talent!

No, I'm not kidding - there's actually a third installment* of:
And the third superstar of the Aussie ventriloquism scene is the Melbourne's multi-talented Dean Atkinson.  A roving magician, stand-up comic, and ventriloquist, Dean's ability to work the an audience is really great to study.  You can see from this clip from Australia's Got Talent (AGT) that he knows the magic of audience participation. With his dog friend Fetch, he adds some fun mask work to the audience participation and makes it all look easy.

You can check out more about Dean on his site  Enjoy.

One of the great and encouraging things I am finding as I blog the world over is that just about Everywhere's Got Talent, and the ventriloquist acts do really well. Dean Atkinson got some good laughs from judges Dannii Minogue, Red Symons and Tom Burlinson.  Not that there's a formula, but it appears that the calculation is that at least one judge on a show like this has to be named something like Simon.

I can't wait until there's Wisconsin's Got Talent. It's got to be just around the corner. By then I'll be ready.  I've already won My Livingroom's Got Talent.
Okay, my daughter would win My Livingroom's Got Talent (MGLT), if we actually had a competition. But then again after piano lessons, dance lessons, voice lessons, and swimming lessons, and all the other advantages her father, who had to learn everything he will ever know about performing comedy from strangers on street corners, never had... Oh, never mind.

Of course, I could have a puppet/dummy judge in MLGT, named Simon (or course), and if I was really good at ventriloquism and had one of those remote control masks like Dean Atkinson uses...

Good god, I'm plotting to cheat my daughter out of winning a living room talent contest. What kind of monster is this blogging turning me into?
Dear AGT judge Dannii Minoque:

Of course I think the name is cute. It makes me feel great every time someone actually calls me that. It's a great name.
And I can go with the i instead of y, as a classic way to give it feminine spelling.  But... Do you really have to put ii?  It is kind of like stuttering, IMHO.**


Danny Bushman
* Yes, this is the third installment. It just happens to be on the 4th day of the week.  I was exhausted last night, so I took a night off. If you don't like it, complain to the commissioner's office.

** IMHO = In my humble opinion. That's texting talk. And I only put that in the letter to make Dannii think I'm hip so she'd take me more seriously.

I sure it worked.

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