Friday, August 13, 2010

A little Up Over news

Taking a break from Ventriloquists Down Under Week (actually, it's now Ventriloquists Down Under Week: The Month!), let's have some Up Over news.  I almost indulged myself in my second-most favorite vocation - logo making - for Up Over news, but I know it brings some comfort to my piteousness* of regular readers who ache to see some of their favorite regular features, like No Logo Thursday.
I am absolutely hooked on checking my gadgets (yes, I know - they're actually called widgets**) on my blog that tell me where I get hits from. And down in the "recent hits from" gadget, it looked like this.

I am very sure that:
  • My dear friend and the first regular reader this blog ever had keeps regularly reading from somewhere around Ballwin in big MO. Hi, Sue!  Party on!
  • The hit from the Asian/Pacific region was someone who is probably hooked on Ventriloquists Down Under Week.  I can just tell. They'll be back.
  • From the post they went to, the visitor from the Netherlands is a Glee fan.
  • The President of the United States uses as his search engine.
* A piteousness is a group of turtle doves.
** A widget is not supposed to be a real thing, gosh darn it! 

It's suppose to stand for a fictitious product to explain principles and theories of production. It's not supposed to be a gosh darn real thing!  Who do I write to about this violation of proper word use before it's too late?  Before it leads to peace without honor or something?

It's too late already, isn't it?

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