Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inception - Not a review so much as...

Review: Inception was a pretty dang cool movie.

I was expecting something much more convoluted and inane.  Instead, I was spellbound by the concept, the plot twists, the edgy characters, and the general unpredictability of the plot.  It was the kind of story I wish I would have conceived, a movie I wish I would have written.

It really made me think, what do I dream about?  Did somebody put that idea there?  Am I right now being driven by an idea that some international financial junta paid some diabolical psycho-scientists (and his gang) to plant deep into my subconscious to change the course of the world?

Was it not my actual idea? It was somebody else's sinister design that's made me want to be a ventriloquist?

And now that I'm on to them, are they going to destroy me?

Sound effect: Evil, macabre laughter
Seriously, the only thing that this movie didn't have that would have made it better was ventriloquist dummies and puppets in the dreams.  It so totally would have worked with the plot. It would have been a creepy visual effect. It would have given it a timelessness that every enduring classic movie has.

But as I left the theater, I looked closely at the poster... 

Is that George Budding and Max LeMonk? (click to enlarge the poster if my pop-outs aren't clear enough)

Sound effect: Evil, macabre laughter

Want more evidence that my dreams are being toyed with?

Yesterday, I threw out the idea of a funny routine about "Tie a turquoise ribbon round the old oak tree," and now, just look at the fundamental color styling of the poster.

Pretty darn turquoise, isn't it? You know it is.

Coincidence? I think not.  What else would be giving me this obsession with turquoise if not a fiendish plot by some international financial junta?

Sound effect: Evil, macabre laughter
If you stare hard enough at the title of the movie on the poster, it mysteriously changes from the word Inception to the word Invention, as in in-VENT-ion. Stuff like that happens in my dreams a lot.

Creepy.  Don't scream when you see the word change; just gasp or you'll wake the black cat.

Sound effect: Evil, macabre laughter
To really compound the appearance of ventriloquist dummies and puppets in the dream, they could also have the appearance of ridiculously pathetic photoshopping.  My dreams have a lot of that. And wait, weren't some of the faces on poster kind of...

Sound effect: Evil, macabre laughter

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