Saturday, July 17, 2010

No small effort here

Wow! Zonk! Pow! Total inspiration!

And it just makes so much sense.

As director of programming for the new cable network The Vent Channel, it's my obligation to reach out a the huge audience and make it even huger. And back in my journalism days, we used to have a saying:

"Good editors borrow, great editors steal."

So when I see a commercial for The Animal Planet show Pit Boss, which chronicles the rescuing, rehabbing, and training of pit bulls by dwarfs, it's so obvious.  The Vent Channel needs it's own show about ventriloquist animal rescuers.

Here's some directions the show could go:

  • The Vent Whisperer-er: Ventriloquists do whispering through their dummies to calm feral cats.

  • Wild Ventdom: Ventriloquists and their dummies risk their wooden selves in the wild rescuing beavers from wetlands endangered by development.

  • Puppet Bowl: Ventriloquists that use animal puppets face off in daring contests that involve stuff like trapezes and trampolines to raise money for local humane societies.
And I'm just starting to perfect this idea. Stay tuned.

Yours in broadcasting,

Dan Bushman
Director of Programming
The Vent Channel

To Conan O'Brien:

My network's offer for you to be our anchor program still stands. And how about... only 45 minutes 4 nights a week? That's provided your "Ed McMahon" is a ventriloquist, of course.

You do give and take, don't you? Let's do lunch.
Please know, I say God bless the Pit Boss peeps and their mission. I hope their show generates great revenues that go to animal rescue efforts. Though I'm not a pit bull fan, I'm an animal softy. Having rescued and rehabbed animals and living in a houseful of pets, I think that there are no bad dogs, only bad training and some times... bad people. Yes, I will always hate Michael Vick.

Here's the commercial for their show.  I'm sure when The Vent Channel is up and running and our version of animal rescue is being beamed into homes worldwide, they'll run a commerical on their sight for it to return the favor.

To my ventriloquist peeps at the Vent Haven ConVENTion:

Hope you had a great time. It sure looked like fun from the live feeds and facebook posts I saw, and I hope one of these years sooner rather than later, I'm digging the scene with ya'll in person.

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