Thursday, July 22, 2010

NLT: George and the Ventmunks

As I work on my ventriloquism with George, and I keep finding his character, I thought it would be fun to see what we might sing together.

And in a most bizarre moment, the magic words came to me:
OO ee OU Ah Ah, Ting, Tang, Walla Walla Bing Bang.
I hear what you're saying loud and clear, and the answer is YES! You can believe it! I'm working on the Alvin and Chipmunks Witch Doctor Song.

Now, the way it's working out, I'm modifying it a bit we do it as a much more interactive routine. It scripts out like this:

Dan:   I told the witch doctor, I was in love with you
George:  You told this witch doctor you were in love with who?
Dan:  And than the witchdoctor, he told me what to do, He said that 
George: OU ee OU Ah Ah, Ting, Tang, Walla Walla Bing Bang.

And this is going well!  I've had to follow the ventriloquist convention of changing the B sound to a D sound, so it's coming out Ding Dang at the end. And seeing as that George seems to sing it ad nauseum, I have to make that work.

But Woo-Hoo, I am having fun now.  For those of you who have forgotten this classic, I found this video of the Alvin Show.  The song itself starts about half way though the clip.  It makes me laugh that when I was growing up, I thought is was "high tech sound effects" that created the chipmunk voices. 

(I also remember in grade school that one kid, Eddie, sounded like one without any technical assistance. He wasn't trying to do an imitation. He just sounded like one.  In junior high, too.)

Some research notes:

I was fascinated to find out that the song appeared in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks in kind of a hip-hop version, which lead to the surprising discovery of a Witch Doctor Song (Extended Play Version).  Who'da thunk -an EP of this song?

Also, there was another song called Witch Doctor by a guy named Armand Van Helden.  I got excited at first glance, believing for far too long that it actually said Eddie Van Halen. That belief was erroneous.

Mr. Van Helden is a record producer who produced Tori Amos' song Professional Widow and some of his own stuff, like Nympho.  I wonder if he'd be interested in producing  my metal-band-in-concept - MegaSpleen.
Yes, I need new and different pictures of George and I.  Maybe if I promise my daughter than I won't mention her in my blog for a while, she'll help me take them.

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