Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nicole and you and a boy named Hugh

It's only 5* days until:
Wow, we are getting so close to THE WEEK!

And for one of the final pieces of education that I should have called "What Yanks know for sure about Australia," I think it appropriate to do a basic Celebrity Edition, and I have two simple words:

Nicole Kidman

Ok, I know.  This seems like nothing but a cheap attempt to draw male readers by putting up some chessecake picture of a pretty woman.

And, it is.

So, to do the decent thing for my female readers (though I really don't see it myself), I'll say two more words:

Hugh Jackman
Sure, I have pictures of me at the beach in almost the same trunks, but I don't want any confusion: I am not Australian.

Please, don't write and ask for the pictures of me on the beach. Certainly, don't beg. Just oogle at Hugh; give him his 15 minutes.
The answer to the question you are all asking is - No.  Neither Hugh Jackman or Nicole Kidman has as face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy.  Remember, it's not "good looks" that gets you onthe auspicous V Face List.

Nicole, Hugh:  Love ya both.  Loved the movie Australia, by the way. Don't take not making the list poorly.  Concentrate on the full part of the glass, although right now I'm not sure what that is. But trust me, it's something good.

5 is a prime number, as is 3, 2, and 1.  We are sooo close! Can you believe it's almost here.  So many times I've said "when" the week comes, it seemed like forever.  Thanks for keeping the faith that "when" would really happen.

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