Monday, July 12, 2010

National Ventriloquism Week

Ever the researcher, I did a search on The Google.

It was written on the blog Zany Holidays last year, and that Letterman dude had a special week a few years ago, but it wasn't necessarily the same thing.

But this week is - for real - National Ventriloquism Week, and the big event is the giant, colossal Vent Haven ConVENTion in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. To get the "big picture" of just how big the ConVENTion is, just follow this link to Ventriloquist Central/Vent Haven.

The ConVENTion's dates are Wednesday, July 14, to Saturday, July 17.

Just a couple things:
  • To my non-ventriloquist friends: Yes, this is real stuff. Follow the links. See the pictures. Imagine the sleepy berg of Fort Mitchell consumed by ventriloquists. Or, if you want to get really nervous, imagine your town getting consumed by ventriloquists.
  • To my ventriloquist friends: I hope you're going. I hope you have a great time. And, I hope it is not too many years before I am there with you.
  • To those who ask obvious questions - the answer is BECAUSE I'M BROKE! That's why I'm not going to be there.
However, I was able to cover the Winter Olympics without leaving Hudson, Wisconsin. I should be able to participate in the ConVENTion from here somehow.

Budding Ventriloquist is in its inaugural year, so there's lots of firsts.  Here, courtesy of Webmaster Steve Hurst at Ventriloquist Central, is a live feed window - the first live feed window in BV history. I didn't even come close to this with the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM). I'll be figuring out how to have this on the the sidebar so there's 24/4 access to it. Maybe 24/5, if Steve plays reruns for a day after the conVENTion shuts down.

Watch live video from ventriloquistcentral on
The other part of my plan will be to have a message board where kooky and wacky ConVENTioneers can leave greetings from the big event.

Stay tuned.  I have some technical miracles to work out.
Whenever there's a National (anything) Week, I can't help but seize the opportunity to recall this gem from my all time favorite, Professor Tom Lehrer. The song itself, National Brotherhood Week, is hilarious in and of itself. Paired with his intro, it is truly brilliant wit.

I think I owe Tom Lehrer for my obsession with figuring our why Jerry Lewis is considered a comic genius in France.

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