Thursday, July 1, 2010

A friend indeed

First, the exciting part...

It was just this funny moment of excitement for me.  There was this little light on my Facebook page, and it was an invitation from Nina Conti.  It said, and I quote, "Nina Conti sent you an invitation."

Nina Conti is a world famous ventriloquist from Great Britian, and even more importantly, a very good one. As I surf Youtube, I have watched so many of her videos. She and her monkey definitely have a relationship. Her shows are nicely polished performances. She is a pro.

And she sent me - ME! - an invitation.

Is she having a party? A cookout? Or maybe - she is a Brit, afterall - am I being invited to tea?

Then I got even more excited! I was being personally invited to special preview performances of her new show.  And I know from personal experience (because I've done community theater, so I really do know), these "invited dress rehearsal" shows are really just  for friends and family.*

And, with great Facebook verve, I clicked "Attending."

But then, the disappointing part...

And it's not just me that's going to be disappointed.

I'm sorry, Nina. I meant well. I really, really dream of seeing your show live. And I was so complimented that you invited me that I just felt I really should make very effort. Or maybe I should just say I was a bit overzealous in saying I was going to make it.

But I live in Hudson, Wisconsin and the show is in Edinburgh. In England. And as cool as the Little Angel Theater sounds,  I'm pretty broke. I can't take a trip "across the pond" (as you Brits say, at least on the BBC shows I watch).

But break a leg, Nina. Maybe some of the 187 "maybe attending" people will show, and maybe some of the 1,989 who haven't responded will, too.

I know some of those people, by the way. Should I give them some grief about it?
Nina, please don't stop inviting me, okay?

And most of all, I hope this doesn't mean you're going to "unfriend" me. If it means anything to you, I did that to someone out of anger once, and I still don't feel good about it.

To try to make it up to you, I'll put a link to here for some promo for you. No charge.
Part of being 50 years old is finding out that some words mean new things.

For instance, I have about 70-80 Facebook "friends."  My daughter has about 600, maybe more. Granted, my daughter is mo' friendly than me, but I have feeling a Facebook "friend" is something a little different than what I'm thinking it is.
I do love to tell people this:
"I have about 80  facebook friends. A bunch of them are my ventriloquist friends, or my Italian puppetmaker and puppeteer friends"
This is my wave to Serena Pieruccini, who is one of my more unique Facebook "friends," though I can't quite figure out how she got there on my friends list. She makes these very cool, classic puppets for Cagliostrino, which my translation program leads me to believe is a mythical world. Check them out at this link: Cagliostrino

I am really enjoying translating Italian these days, just to figure out what Cagliostrino is. BV has yet to get a hit from Italy, but a guy as to have dreams.
And to really explain so much better than I can what the world "friend" means, I could say Carole King's You've Got a Friend says it all.

But - I think Bette Midler said it even better.

* Invited Dress Rehearsal is supposed to be for friends and family, except for when this one guy is in the cast and invites the entire male glee club that takes half seats in the hall.  Obviously, he was an only child, or didn't get the message about sharing.

There. I got that off my chest. I'm letting it go now.

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