Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fort Mecca?

It's started! It's happening!  The conVENTion!

Well, it's happening if you're reading this and it's past 3:30 pm eastern time. And even then, it's only registration time.  If you're reading this around 7 pm, that's when the big hoopla really starts.

The Vent Haven ConVENTion site is is slick and very informative place to read more about the big ventriloquist convention (which I am covering from Hudson, Wisconsin) , but I'll tell you what you'll find out -  This conVENTion has it all, workshops, lectures, round tables, square tables... EVERYTHING! 

For me, would be really stepping out and making "the big trip."  It might as well be in Poland or Brazil or one of the moons of Jupiter, it would be such a travel adventure. So I was thinking - maybe I should learn about the host city - Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. I do like to make the most out of every venture out.

Fort Mitchell is a self-described bedroom community of Cincinnati, Ohio. With a population of about 8,000, the city appears proud of its historical background.

Here's something that surprises me, though.  You'd think that the city's website or the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce website would be splashing that the ConVENTion is in town. For civic pride! For commerce! For, as the kid's say on the web - The BUZZ!

So, I have a goal for when I attend my first ConVENTion:  I will write a welcoming song from the City of Fort Mitchell. It should sound like this song performed by Elvis Presley in the movie Girl Happy!

Lauderdale, Mitchell... it would work.

I think it would be even cooler if it was performed by ventriloquist dummies.  You could see it, can't you? The dummies might make it appear even more... today.
I want to apologize to my female regular readers for the gratuitous appearance of scantily clad women in this video.  But you have to acknowledge that those three sidekicks of Elvis are some real eye candy for ya, don't you? You can't help but say Gary Crosby (Bing's son), Joby Baker, and Jimmy Hawkins were some real would-be boy toys.

Even though the cold electronic stillness of the web, I sensed a triple swoon from the ladies when the three poked their heads though the palms and sang.
I admit it. I have dreamed since the first time I saw Girl Happy! to be a fourth sidekick to Elvis in that movie. A fourth face in the palm, or in the vertical blinds.

Kind of like being a fifth Beatle.

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