Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not your father's uncle Fez-ter

How cool is it that Budding Ventriloquist had a visit from Afyonkarahisar, Turkey?

It’s one of the better international wows I’ve had for a while. Since the end of the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage ™, I haven’t had many new international visitors. And while my pre-occupation with the upcoming Ventriloquists Down Under Week has been drawing visits from Australia and a growing number of fans from England, my international community as, like this melting pot of a country I live in, gotten a bit uninviting to the rest of the world.

Then along comes the Turks, to whom I say:
tomurcuklanma karnından blog Hoş, benim harika Türk arkadaşlar, için.
(Welcome, my wonderful Turkish friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist blog.)
What makes the hit from Turkey so unique is that for all the countries that have joined the Budding Ventriloquist party I am throwing, very few have come from the Eurasian or Middle East region or there abouts.  I had a hit from Bahrain that lead me on a long hunt for a Bahrain/Ventriloquist connection that taught me much about Bahrain and dead-end web searches.

And what do I want to tell you about Turkey?

Something that we all know about Turkey is that their capital is Istanbul, the fifth largest city in the world. It used to be called Constantinople. Back in the Constantinople days, it was one of the great cultural centers of the world.

Why the name change? For the same reason that New York was once New Amsterdam... oh heck, it's all in this song. Listen and learn:
(The singing part starts about half way though the recording, for those of you with ants in your pants.)

An even more interesting thing about Turkey is that is that it became a country stemming from the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, which called for the final partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. Well, okay. I think it's interesting. Call it yet another quirky thing about this budding ventriloquist - I'm both an Ottoman Empire groupie and a Treaty of Lausanne wonk.

Let's move on.

And perhaps the single thing that jumps into my mind when the country of Turkey is mentioned is the iconic Fez.  Sure, Turkey doesn't have an exclusive. They're worn throughout both the Eastern world and the Shriners world, too. But the fez has it's roots in the Ottoman Empire, making it classically Turkish. (See, now do you wish you hadn't started yawning before thinking my Ottoman Empire knowledge was irrelevant. That'll teach ya to sleep in class.)

If course, I want one.  And like a good ventriloquist should, I want one for my puppet, George, too. ( FYI - The fez's in the picture were digitally added,  just like a whole bunch of that Avatar movie was faked. Oops, I should have put a spoiler alert out before I said that.)

But finally, the coolest thing is once I found that the word for ventriloquist in Turkish is vantrilog. And with that knowledge, I actually found a video of  a Turkish Ventriloquist!

Not quite as cool is that despite working hard with translation programs, I could not discover this guy's name. but I say to him - if you see this, write me! In your native tongue!  I'll figure it out!  I do know that this was recorded in  Bagcilar. And his name as something to do with volcanoes.



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