Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ah, the calla lilies are in bloom

Since Tuesday, snail mail users have been honoring Katherine Hepburn with a commemorative stamp. That’s very cool.

I am humbled to say that it is even cooler than being on Budding Ventriloquist’s “face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy” list. A stamp is not just about having a certain look, after all. And she certainly does NOT have the look.

Hepburn was the all time most (insert positive adjective) actress ever. Although she was great and all so very royal in movies like A Lion in Winter, it is her comic talents as the confident, in-charge woman persona in so many movies that was so endearing.

As I watched the classic Bringing Up Baby (1938) last night, I realized something so basic – the sheer speed of her delivery (and Cary Grant’s delivery, too) was just a wow. The repartee is so clever and flew so fast, it is laterally breathtaking. If it isn’t the nonstop laughter that is making you dizzy, it’s the exhausting attention you need to be paying to the dialog.

It made me realize what makes many ventriloquist acts so engaging – the speed of the exchange. If you can combine good wit with speed, the audience doesn’t even have time watching lips for movement. They are too busy laughing and catching their breath.

And now, to join in celebrating Katherine Hepburn’s stamp honor, I offer this topic for debate:
If Katherine Hepburn had been a ventriloquist, which of her classic roles might have been perfect to play against a dummy instead of the iconic leading man:

1. Bringing Up Baby (1938) – Cary Grant.
2. Philadelphia Story (1940) – James Stewart.
3. Woman of the Year (1942) – Spencer Tracy.
4. African Queen (1951) – Humphrey Bogart.
Bonus Topic: Do any of those leading men belong on the V-Face List?

The lines are open.
After two days of house painting, I am so achy. I feel aches in muscles I didn't even know I had.

Well, not exactly.  As I'm approaching my 50th birthday, I have to admit that I do know that I have felt aches in every muscle I have and know them all.

But it's times like this that alter my goals and visions of for the future; I want to become a wildly successful ventriloquist simply so I can afford a hot tub. A nice, deep clawfoot tub would work, too.

A guy's got to have dreams.

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