Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Double Header

He's the number one vote getter among outfielders in the National League All*Star voting. He deserves it, too. He is the man.

He's also a guy who has the funkiest eyes. Obviously they are giving him magical powers when he bats. A .324 batting average, a .399 on-base percentage , and a .529 slugging percentage (which I think is the pecentage of time he can scare the pitcher just by pounding his bat on the ground) don't lie.

He even makes incredible plays in the outfield.  The eyes definitely have "it".

That "it" is enough to make Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers the newest member of the "face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" list.

Congratuations Ryan.

I've been told, by the way, that chicks are smitten by his eyes. Now that he's on the V-face list, I see the smitten thing as more evidence of the "ventriloquist as a chick magnet" phenomenon.

I'm just going to lay my head on a pillow and ponder that.

GAME 2 - The Nightcap
Baseball legend Bob Uecker is recovering from open heart surgery and all reports are that he is recovering well. Uecker is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame as a broadcaster for my Milwaukee Brewers.

I grew up laughing at Uecker's appearances on the Tonight Show in the Johnny Carson days, and although I can name the original voices of the Brewers (Merle Harmon and Tom Collins), Uecker's voice will be the one forever synonymous.

I bet if Bob reads this, he'll know the true honor of joining a very select group on the "face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" list.

Congratuations, Bob. And get well soon.

Here's a clip of Uecker on the Tonight Show. He was funny as usual, and it's great to watch how Johnny Carson just loved Uecker's deadpan delivery.

I wish I had better recordings of his earliest appearances. I could video myself doing Uecker jokes, I suppose. It wouldn't be the same.

If you care keeping count, Braun and Uecker join Astronaut James Lovell and Marquette University basketball coach Al McGuire as part of the growing passel of Milwaukeean or Milwaukee-related people on the list.

I am searching for my mother's circa 1938 high school yearbook from West Milwaukee High School. It happens to contain the graduation picture of a very famous Milwaukeean who definitely belongs on the list as well.

Can you name him?

The first five who write in with the correct answer will win valuable Budding Ventriloquist merchandise, as soon as some exists.

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