Tuesday, May 18, 2010

200 and counting....

Two hundred posts. Who'da thunk?
This is the bicentennial post. If it were more summery, I'd be planning a tall ship flotilla to celebrate, like when our country had our Bicentennial in 1976.

Here's some history; a walk down memory lane. a nosh* of nostalgia.

August 26, 2009 – 265 days ago, Budding Ventriloquist is born.
  • The hit counter read zero.
  • I didn’t have a dummy.
  • I didn’t have a monkey puppet. 
October 16, 2009 – At 50 posts, I hadn’t mastered putting pictures in my blog, much less embedding videos and all the other technical and artistic marvels regular readers have come to expect from BV. The impact of a good logo wasn’t even a thought.  

  • I had only re-committed to actually learning ventriloquism 3 times.

  • A mini-dummy, who I now refer to as roguishly handsome Steed Hideaway, was now scaring my daughter’s friends whenever I left it around the house.

  • I was blessed with Max LeMonk, the monkey puppet, just days before. 
December 16, 2009 – At 100 posts, I’m creeping up on 1,000 posts but haven’t crossed the line yet. The count was at 920. 920 is, at least, not a prime number. Good chi.*

  • Pictures had become regular.
  • I had recommitted to trying to learn actual ventriloquism 6 times.
  • I was having fantasy spats with Julia Roberts and pondering why I wasn’t referencing Paula Abdul more. 
February 20, 2010 – at 150 posts, Budding Ventriloquist had become a hit magnet as BV hit 2000 hits, a doubling of the hits I had hit just 50 posts before, according to my hit counter. 
  • The Olympic coverage was a hit.
  • Max LeMonk and Steed Hideaway were hits.
  • Including videos in posts was a hit.
  • Not actually bothering trying to do ventriloquism was, ironically, a hit.
  • Logos!  Hit, Hit, and double Hit!
  • And to think that this point, the notion of a Mystic Moment hadn’t even hit me yet.
May 18, 2010 – Today, at 200 posts, BV has only scratched the patina of its potential. And every word and every sentence I discover new things about blogging. For instance, I just realized that I’ve only scratched the patina of using the word patina.

And with that, I ask all of my regular readers to join me in a hearty...
(For those of you new regular readers, here is the instructional video for both the left and right pronunciations of Pffft.)

* Nosh - Yiddish for "to snack"
** Chi - the energy of the environment; as in Feng Shui creates positive or good chi.
My sincerest thanks to my regular readers. I take great joy in firmly establishing there is really more than one of you. The difference in how hard I work at this because of you is truly Night and Day.

And thanks to don Rey, who will soon be smuggling humor over the border to me. You really put the mist in  Mystic Moments.

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