Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Within a day after I ran my tribute to Argentine Ventriloquists, someone from Uruguay dropped in to check out Budding Ventriloquist.  and I've been working diligently to find out everything I can about the Uruguay Ventriloquist scene.

But when you are the birthplace of the tango - Paul Winchell and Edgar Bergen forgive me for saying it - do you need ventriloquism, too?

Uruguay celebrates Tango Week the week of June 24, This festival honors Carlos Gardel, known in Uruguay as the originator of the Tango. With thanks to the website Discover Uruguay:

The week of festivities takes place in Gardel's birthplace of Tacuarembo during the week of June 24th. The entire town comes alive with parties, dancing, and celebrations. There is even a museum dedicated to the life and times of Gardel.

Born in Tacuaremb√≥, Uruguay, December 11, 1883, Carlos Gardel is universally recognized as the greatest tango singer of all time. Carlos Gardel’s music embraced the joy, the tragedy, the depth and the passions of life through the people’s music, the Tango. He was the first to embody its essence - the first to deliver it to the masses, to all people regardless of their station in life.

The more I researched this, the more I thought, "Should I start another blog called Budding Tangoist? Or would it be Budding Tangoer?" It is that infectious. It's down right intoxicating.

The least I can do is put this giant of the entertainment world on the "Face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" list. Only Marquette University Basketball coach Al McGuire has been previously added to the V-Face list posthumously. Carlos is so deserving, too - A handsome face, chiseled to perfection.

Here's the beauitful voice of Carlos Cardel. If you were a walking hand-in-hand with the woman (or man) of your dreams, it's enough to make you break out into a tango or two.

It also makes you realize what's missing from ventriloquist acts:  Really good dancing.

You can find out more about what's cooking on the urugay entertainment scene at Discover Uruguay.  There's  "Las Llamadas", the Mardi Gras Carnival and Parade; A festival celebratiing their Gaucho culture; and "Iemanja", the Festival of the Goddess of the Sea. Who knew Uruguay would be such a fun place?

So many of these parties would be even better with a great ventriloquist act. It makes me want to learn some Spanish.

Not that I'm a great ventriloquist act... yet.
As I continue to find new, fresh, interesting goals for my ventriloquist career, how about:
To be the first ventriloquist act to win Dancing With the Stars.
It probably doesn't surprise you when I say - I do have a plan.

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