Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looking Pal-in comparison

It's a clear sign that a media outlet is making a name for itself when the established media starts attacking it.

So hello! This is Budding Ventriloquist! We have arrived!

The National Journal - yes, the National Journal - is trying to challenge and discredit (and a whole bunch of other dissing) BV's editorial stance that Sarah Palin belongs on the "Face that belongs on a ventriloquist dummy" list.

Back on November 18, 2009, Ms. Palin was named to the V Face list.  It took the National Journal almost five months to muster the courage to challenge that. Just look! Thay made it the garsh dang cover story! Does that  really say "No Dummy"???? Ha!

You know what I think? I think they're just trying to co-opt BV's growing audience. Steal some of the luster of the new blogosphere sensation that is Budding Ventriloquist.

Bet they're even wishing that they had covered the olympics like BV did. Too late, sucka's!

So, to save everyone from seaching for it, here is, in its entirety, an encore presentation of the November 18 post, Blowing rogue (presented in blue).

It's not hard to see.

The squared-off jaw* and big mouth** beg to have the lines of a dummy's moving chin. The permanent smile is quintessentially puppet-like. And if you can make a dummy that has moving eyebrows, you can certainly make one that winks.

How could Sarah Palin not make the list of faces that belong on a ventriloquist dummy?
* My father referred to this as "lantern jaw." In his book, this was not a good thing to have.
** This is not a political statement. She has a measurably big mouth.
Sarah Palin/dummy jokes were deliberately avoided in the making of this post, just like Britney Spears/dummy jokes were avoided a few posts ago.

However, I am totally unapologetic for the Sarah Palin/Britney Spears comparison I just made. And that's like comparing a jaw to a lantern. Right, dad?

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