Thursday, March 18, 2010

Your 24/7 source?

At the top of the hour:

A potential mid-term election issue: Proccupied with healthcare reform and jobs bills, President Obama puts Ventriloquist In Space Program (VISP) on the back burner.
Focus on Fashion: Ventriloquist in Space logo - the now and happening tramp stamp, or 70s throwback?

Solvenian Quagmire, Day 25:  Same quag, different day

Movies: Feature film aVENTar snubbed by Academy snobs. (See plot and ad)

Vent Channel to Conan:  It's been a week, make up your mind.
Hugh Laurie: House MD has an "American accent", or is it ventriloquism?

Budding Ventiloquist Olympics Coverage: Best Olympic coverage by any ventriloquism website.

    Max LeMonk Special Commentary: No Logo Thursday's identity crisis.


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